parque de los reyes / Astaburuaga & Thut

La perpetuidad del esbozo (2011) – Santiago Astaburuaga

some, 1-4 (2009) – Stefan Thut



What was meant to be a performance of another piece turned into a long walk along the Parque de los Reyes (Kings’ Park), from Mapocho Station westwards. We stopped at two spots: one at the side of the path by the river, between the park and the freeway. The other at the end of the park, a small valley with palm trees close to a playground and a factory. Night fell as we returned.

the players
Diego Aguirre, Santiago Astaburuaga,Nicolás Carrasco, Christian Delon, Sebastián Jatz and Fernanda Ortega.

the instruments
accordion, 2 melodicas, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, leaves, violin, minidisc+speaker, mobile phone and water drum.

Parque de los Reyes, Santiago, Chile

sábado 10 de septiembre de 2011

from 17:00 to 20:00

180 minutes

Tatiana Wolff, Amanda Delon, Carolina Jabre, Polett Delon, María Torres, Andrés Gaete



audios (recorded on Zoom H4n)

La perpetuidad del esbozo


some, 1-4