azotea Bellavista 262

Bellavista 262 rooftop
Sunday March 13th, 2011



Fields have ears (4), Michael Pisaro, 2009

Manfred Werder: harmonica, Santiago Astaburuaga: bass, Sebastián Jatz: accordion, Álvaro Ortega: radio, Nicolás Carrasco: violin.

The score of this work states that the music happens in the duration of a (im)perceptible change in the atmosphere of the situation.
In this realization, such change was the diminishing light of sunset.


5 ausführende, páginas 14 a 17; Manfred Werder; 1999-
Nicolás Carrasco (1): violin, Santiago Astaburuaga (2): bass, Sebastián Jatz (3): accordion; Manfred Werder (4): harmonica, Álvaro Ortega (5): melodica.


2011¹; Manfred Werder

The score quotes “às vezes, em días de luz perfeita e exacta, em que as cousas têm toda a realidade que podem ter”
[Fernando Pessoa / Alberto Caeiro: O Keeper of Rebanhos XXVI, 1914]

“the times, in days of perfect and accurate light, that things have all reality they can ”


Antonia Muñoz, Claudia Muñoz Candia, Nicolás Yutronic, Daniel Muñoz Candia, Reinhold Schulz, Fernando Orrego, Maria Torres, Luis Barrie, Benjamin Labatut, Maya Mora and Heidrun Breier