paseo bulnes / Cage, Wolff & Beuger

Variations II (1961) – John Cage

Play [Prose collection] (1969)- Christian Wolff

Jankélévitch Sextets (2004) pp. 2, 24, 7, 4, 8 – Antoine Beuger


We chose a date, time, some works and invited two friends, Eden and Diego, ie Mr. Ed.
Since mid-2010 we had the idea of making a concert elapsing from night to dawn, the very first morning. Because of the weather we dared to chose January, the warmest month of the year in Santiago. However, the capital’s early mornings are invariably cold.
The realization of Variations II by John Cage had already been executed before, at Relevo. We only added a sixth performer and specified timing for the starting points of sounds.
Play by Christian Wolff, is a brief statement, somewhat angular, not longer than eight lines. It is a suggestion for a kind of improvisation. The score ends with a proposition to play or react to “signals which are not under your control”, in others words, not knowing when or where they will occur. Thus, we related sound and musical actions (noise, crescendo, pulse, highest, lowest, pause, etc.), with some events which were likely to happen there and at that time of day (someone walking a dog, a lit windowpane, etc.).
Antoine Beuger sent us his jankélévitch sextets several months ago. We chose this work for the third hour for no compelling reason, but to come together as a compact group while the street and the city are already awake, elongating, spreading. In the score there is an epigraph from Vladimir Jankélévitch’s book “The music and the ineffable”: “Nous avons refusé à la musique le pouvoir du développement discursif : mais nous ne lui avons pas refusé l’expérience du temps vécu. Fauré et Séverac s’engagent sur « le plus doux chemin » que tant d’autres suivront. Or cette déambulation est toujours quelque peu onirique et nocturne… Elle s’appelle devenir ! Fluente, non pas itinérante : telle est la musique.”


the players
Diego Aguirre, Santiago Astaburuaga, Edén Carrasco, Nicolás Carrasco, Sebastián Jatz Rawicz and Alvaro Ortega

the instruments
guitar, double bass, clarinet in b flat, violin, accordion, melodica and radio

Paseo Bulnes (between Eleuterio Ramírez and Cóndor), Santiago, Chile

20th of January 2010

from 05:00 to 08:00

180 minutes

Daniela Aguilar, Olguita Caba, Nicolás Espinoza, Rosario Fernández, Consuelo González, Sandra Marín, Nicole Medina, Nicolás Ortiz and Carlos Soto


audios (recorded on Zoom H4n)

Variations II


jankélévitch sextets


Daniela León – filmed on Canon 550D