fontana mix / John Cage

Fontana Mix

John Cage



This work was commissioned by Fernando Godoy who is in charge of the Tsonami Sound Art Festival: 60 minutes of music to be broadcasted by the local radio station Valentín Letelier.

Six audio tracks were made using different combinations of the score’s material, according to the following categories:
1.- voice:
a. content: subject matter spoken, politics, sports, religion, news, etc.
b. kinds of voices: by frequency, male bass, feminine FM, etc.
2.- frequencies: drones, buzzes, hisses, audible tones, etc.
3.- static:
a. by dial; fm, am, short wave
b. radio models; portable, home stereo, (kinds of aerials)
c. line recording
d. microphone recording (kind of radio and speaker)
e. static alterations: solar rays, proximity to other household equipment,etc; i.e, external alterations on the aerial
f. static modulated by music or voice (dirty radios)
sub genre: static + others
g. static or radio + open, public space
look for places where radios are turned on; visit an open space with a radio; static + landscape
h. static + instrument
instrument resonated by radio


Nicolás Carrasco and Sebastián Jatz Rawicz

the instruments
many kinds of radios

broadcasted by
97.3 fm / 94 am Radio Valentín Letelier (V Región)

Thursday 25th of November 2010

from 23:00 to 00:00

60 minutes


Valentín Fontana Mix (includes intro and outro for broadcasting)