fünf ausführende – seiten 22 bis 29 / Manfred Werder / COPY FOR YOUR RECORDS

publication of  the actualization of pages 22 to 29 of fünf ausführende (five performers), by Manfred Werder, on the label Copy for your Records.

On January 2012 we did a double project of actualization of pages of fünf ausführende, to which we invited Edén Carrasco. Some pages would be recorded on one site, using different recording format for each page, and other pages would be actualized on selected sites on San Cristóbal hill, in Santiago. The pages actualized on different formats were later edited on November 2012.; the others (pages 30 to 35), were archived. Next, we got in touch with Richard Kamerman to ask him about the possibility to publish the edited audio of the actualization through his label COPY FOR YOUR RECORDS, to which he gladly accepted. The actualization of the pages 22 to 29, on eight different formats was published on magnetic tape (cassette), CFYRT09, with a printing of 50 copies.

CFYRT09 web



recording formats
7-inch tape, cassette, camera, mp3, laptop, digital recorder, microcassette, minidisc

clarinet, bass-guitar, melodica, accordion, violin

Edén Carrasco, Santiago Astaburuaga, Álvaro Ortega, Sebastián Jatz, Nicolás Carrasco



recording place
house  Crédito 430 street, Santiago, Chile

crédito 1

Tuesday, January 17th , 2012


Tatiana Wolff Rojas



COPY FOR YOUR RECORDS, CFYRT09, september 2013

cassette produced by
Richard Kamerman



To celebrate this, we supplement the publication with the recording of the actualization of page 35 of fünf ausführende, on San Cristóbal hill, in the surroundings of Santiago’s zoo, on Monday, January 23rd, 2012.