one⁷ y four⁶ / John Cage

One⁷ and Four⁶

John Cage

1990, 1992


Before a small and attentive audience three realizations of the same work by John Cage were performed. The first: four collections of twelve sounds each; the second, by Eden, with a collection of twelve sounds; and the last, with four different collections of twelve sounds by the same quartet. Of course, this tiny collection of one hundred and eight sounds befell along with countless other from the cordial situation at the AFA Gallery, people’s attention, Phillips street and its surroundings.
However, our audio capturing technology failed, and we were faced with the obligation to implement both embodiments of the quartet again, in a curious little underground at the Arcos Institute School of Theatre: there befell these 96 sounds in a drier space, without the audience’s attention and with some highly dramatized declamations and other guttural sounds coming from the building.


the players
Santiago Astaburuaga, Edén Carrasco, Nicolás Carrasco, Sebastián Jatz Rawicz and Álvaro Ortega.

the instruments
Four⁶ v.1: broken ceramics collection, rattles collection, double bass and prepared violin, bowed objects, stones, motors, mechanical object and field recording
One⁷: prepared clarinet and saxophone, hose
Four⁶ v.2: glasses collection, harmonica and radios, double bass and various recordings and motors.


AFA Gallery, downtown Santiago, Chile

Saturday 28th of May, 2011

from 18:00 to 20:00

120 minutes

the audience
Lorna Remmele, Armando Saragoni, Felipe Barbosa, Daniela Valenzuela, Nicolás Sandoval, Andrés Gaete, Nicole L’Huillier, Ana Corbalán, Francisca Silva, Cecilia, Mónica, Bernardita Castillo and others.


audios – recorded on Zoom H4n

Four⁶, first version


Four⁶, second version