variations IV / John Cage

Variations IV

John Cage




When this piece is performed in open spaces it asks for a plan or map of the place over which a number of dots and circles are thrown at random, determining the different variables one assigns to them.

We preestablished the instruments (found on the spot) that we would use, as well as their location in space, using the score’s procedure and dice.

Each performer made his own score using this two methods, with a prefixed overall duration of 120 minutes.

Two guests were invited per musician (two of them were unable to come).

The guests selected an undetermined number of time segments and assigned to each of these a number between 1 and 63. Aided by their mobile phones, dice and the corresponding map, they determined their location in space, their permanence there and the direction of their noses.

A photographer was invited as well, who, likewise, used these procedures to determine where to stand, for how long and where her nose should be directed to.


the players

Santiago Astaburuaga, Nicolás Carrasco y Sebastián Jatz Rawicz

the instruments

2 ventilation ducts, 3 wires for hanging clothes, 1 metallic grid separating the two roofs, 3 mixers, 6 speakers, 2 condenser microphones and 4 contact microphones


roof at Bellavista 262, Recoleta, Santiago, Chile


15th of April 2010


from 20:00 to 22:00


120 minutes

the audience

Macarena Campbell, Raúl Díaz, Andrew Dockett, Karina Prudencio, Tatiana Wolff



Sony minidisc 60’00-71’20” (stereo)

Sony TC222 tape reel-to-reel 90′-100′ aprox. (mono)