ein(e) ausführende(r), seiten 512 bis 525 / Manfred Werder

In late April 2011 we decided to do on a weekly basis a realization of a page of ein(e) ausführende (r), by Manfred Werder. Each member would take the performance and also be responsible for making a record and a picture of the site or the materials for the actualization.

The work consists of four thousand pages that are played on one succesion (with sections), and is part of a larger project that includes works for two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and nine performers (which, in turn, each one consists of four thousand pages that are played on one succession). The premise of the score is simple, a number designating the performer (1), provides an action: six seconds of sound (or action) followed by six seconds of silence; a point (.) signals twelve seconds of silence. Each page has eight lines and a duration of eight minutes, one minute per line and each line is divided into five units of twelve seconds each, which can be either action or silence. As stated in the general instruction to the work: ” one question constitutes ein(e) ausführende(r): action or silence.”

That question is filtered (or agencied) by circumstances and the contingency of the performer who decides to make a (some) page(s). In the months that followed from May to September 2011 the premise of conducting a weekly realization was not maintained, but each page is a translation on the diagram annotated as score and an evidence for the contingency that produced it.

In the blog entry performer series (of the composer’s blog), you can follow the actualization of all the works of the project, its date, place, tools or instruments, and the length of the sections.



page 525 by Nicolás Carrasco Díaz

on Saturday 24th of September, 2011
at 15:28 at the Portales beach in Valparaiso, Chile.



page 524 by Sebastian Jatz Rawicz
on Wednesday 7th of September, 2011
at 22:50 in his flat’s bathroom in Bellavista, Santiago, Chile.



page 523 by Santiago Astaburuaga
on Wednesday September 7th, 2011
at 16:30 in his flat in Seminario, Santiago, Chile



page 522 by Alvaro Ortega
on Thursday 6th of August, 2011
before midnight in his flat in Pío Nono, Santiago, Chile



page 521 by Nicolás Carrasco Díaz
on Wednesday 13th of July, 2011
at 01:00 in his flat in Santa María, Santiago, Chile



page 520 by Sebastian Jatz Rawicz
on Wednesday 29th of June, 2011
at 14:22 in his living room in Bellavista, Santiago, Chile



page 519 by Santiago Astaburuaga
on Thursday 23rd of June, 2011
at 11:30 in the General Cemetery at Av. La Paz, Santiago, Chile



page 518 by Alvaro Ortega
on Monday 20th of June, 2011
at 18:00 in his flat’s staircase at Pío Nono, Santiago, Chile



page 517 by Nicolas Carrasco Díaz
on Sunday 5th of June, 2011
at 16:02, at Playa Las Machas, Bahía Inglesa, Atacama, Chile.



page 516 by Sebastian Jatz Rawicz
on Wednesday 1st of June, 2011
at 17:30 in his flat’s toilet in Bellavista, Santiago, Chile



page 515 by Santiago Astaburuaga
on Tuesday 24th of May, 2011
at 17:30 in his flat’s room in Seminario, Santiago, Chile.



page 514 by Alvaro Ortega
on Friday 20th of May, 2011
at 22:30 in Paulina’s livingroom in her flat in MacIver, Santiago, Chile.



page 513 by Nicolás Carrasco Díaz
on Thursday 12th of May, 2011
at 13:50 in his flat in Santa María, Santiago, Chile.



page 512 by Sebastian Jatz Rawicz
on Wednesday 4th of May, 2011
at 21:30 in his room in Bellavista, Santiago, Chile.