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Primer Camposanto




The 3 players created a score to be used as a module for the total length of the work which is divided in three 60 minutes movements.
Each player used the three scores and at a given point inserted ad libitum a solo: Sekundenklängen by Antoine Beuger on acoustic bass, 2008(4) by Manfred Werder on violin and Only (Harmony series #17) by Michael Pisaro on accordion.
Primer Camposanto finished with hinwandeln (zwischen Himmel und Erd) by Michael Pisaro performed by the trio (pages 13, 11, 15, 3 and 2).
The recorders/players had a personal score which determined their actions: amount, moment, position, etc. (see Camposanto Score.pdf)
The performance began 30 minutes late, thus there are no recordings belonging to the first half of movement I.


the players
Santiago Astaburuaga, Nicolás Carrasco, Francisca Hoch, Nicole L’Huillier, Alvaro Ortega and Sebastián Jatz Rawicz

the instruments
violin, acoustic bass, accordion

General Cemetery, Av. La Paz, Recoleta, Santiago, Chile

29th of April 2010

from 9:00 to 12:00

180 minutes

the audience
Heidrun Breier, Cemetery’s gardeners, bricklayers and clerks and visitors




Camposanto, segments assemblage

Segments were recorded by Álvaro Ortega, as required by score; assembled by Nicolás Carrasco [note: segments are separated by 20 seconds silences.]

Segment 1: not recorded
Segment 2: mp3 player (32 bit .wav) Master-G
Segment 3: minidisc Sony MD walkman MZ-R701 [Nicolás attempts at 2008(4)]
Segment 4: cassette Sony stereo recorder WM-F36
Segment 5: cassette Sony stereo recorder WM-F36
Segment 6: minidisc Sony MD walkman MZ-R701
Segment 7: mp3 player (32 bit .wav) Master-G [Santiago playing Sekundenklängen]
Segment 8: reel-to-reel tape Sony TC222 [Santiago playing Sekundenklängen]
Segment 9: not recorded
Segment 10: reel-to-reel tape Sony TC222
Segment 11: mp3 player (32 bit .wav) Master-G [trio playing hinwandeln]
Segment 12: minidisc Sony MD walkman MZ-R701[trio playing hinwandeln]


Audio (as required by score) by Sebastian Jatz Rawicz performing Only (Harmony series #17) by Michael Pisaro recorded on a Sony ICD-P210.



Photographs (required by score)
Nicole L’Huillier



Videos by Francisca Hoch

1.- Filmed segments, required by score

2.- trio performing hinwandeln (zwischen Himmel und Erd) (pages 13, 11, 15, 3 and 2).

hinwandeln (zwischen himmel und erd) from Nicolas Carrasco on Vimeo.