residencia escuela de artes universidad de chile / &

& residence in Universidad de Chile’s Department of Arts, Las Encinas, Juan Gómez Millas campus


The Department of Arts invited & to a residency on campus during the month of April 2012. The execution mode agreed proposed the realization of a series of works one day per week, in order to carry out a total of four days for the month. Each day was to have various realizations of one or more related composers: the first day we actualized a work by composer Manfred Werder, the second was devoted to pieces by Wandelweiser group composers, the third day was for works by members of &, and the fourth and last day was dedicated to works by John Cage.


campus sites
Las Encinas Auditorium Hall (the “glass box”); Department of Arts gardens, open spaces and corridors; Faculty of Sciences parks and gardens .


Wednesday 4th, Wednesday 11th, Thursday 19th and Thursday April 26th, 2012


Amanda Delon, Polett Delon, Carolina Jabre, Tatiana Wolff, Maria Torres, Tania Medalla, Elizabeth Collingwood-Selby, Tambores Delon, Diego Fernández, Rainer Krause, Sergio Rojas, three students from the Department of Arts, a worker who works in the construction for the renovation project Juan Gomez Millas.



description and audio

Manfred Werder day – Wednesday, April 4th
We started the residence playing twenty four pages of vier ausführende (four players) by the composer Manfred Werder. The whole work has four thousand pages, which must be realized in one succesion, without repeating any page; it began its performing in 2000.
We played the twenty-four pages in three interventions, always in the same spot in the “glass box”. Each included an execution of 8 pages, corresponding to 64 minutes.

15:00 to 16:04, pages 23 to 30
17:00 to 18:04, pages 31 to 28
19:00 to 20:04, pages 39 to 46

Four musicians, four instruments:
1 Nicolás Carrasco, violin
2 Santiago Astaburuaga, acoustic bass
3 Sebastián Jatz, accordion
4 Álvaro Ortega, melodica


vier ausführende, seiten 45 und 46



Wandelweiser day – Wednesday April 11th
The second day was devoted to Wandelweiser group. We played six works by six composers . In three different times, each of the three interventions included the execution of two works.

15:00, “glass box”

nariyamu (2010) – Radu Malfatti

exact dimension without insistence (1999) – Jürg Frey

nariyamu was executed by Santiago Astaburuaga on electric bass and Sebastián Jatz accordion.
exact dimension without insistencethe was played by Nicolás Carrasco on violin and Álvaro Ortega on radio.


17:00, gardens (south entrance) and “glass box”

2010.2 (2010) – Manfred Werder

some, 1-4 (2009) – Stefan Thut (4 musicians)

The actualization of the work of Manfred Werder had two sections. First listening in the gardens. For this we invite Tambores Delon. We stood on the site about 15 minutes and captured a six minutes audio with a digital recorder . Then we moved to the “glass box”, where we spent 8 minutes in silence, listening. After that time we proceeded to play the recording we had done on the outer space.

some, 1-4 was performed in the “glass box” by the four members of &.

Santiago Astaburuaga, electric bass
Alvaro Ortega, radios
Sebastian Jatz, accordion
Nicolas Carrasco, violin

some, 1-4


19:00 pm; “glass box”

piano & strings (harmony series #9) (2005) – Michael Pisaro

cantor quartets (2003) – Antoine Beuger

Álvaro Ortega, melodica
Nicolas Carrasco, violin
Sebastian Jatz, accordion
Santiago Astaburuaga, electric bass

cantor quartets, seite 14



& day – Thursday, April 19th

15:00; outdoors

Almacén #1 (2011) – Álvaro Ortega

In the gardens of the faculty & performed the work of Álvaro Ortega. Nicolás Carrasco used a bottle and a violin, Sebastian Jatz accordion and objects, Álvaro Ortega radio and agogo, Santiago Astaburuaga on radio. The construction of a nearby building, the presence of an airplane and the constant sound of the sprinkler were part of the making of the work.

Almacén #1


16:00 hours: exterior hallways and corridors, Department of Arts: four successive and separated sites

intemperie #5 – Nicolás Carrasco

intemperie #5 proposes to execute a number of chords equivalent to the number of players participating, and in turn the same number of successive execution sites. Therefore a quartet version required playing a chord four times in four different places on the campus.
The work was done by &.

Sebastián Jatz, accordion
Nicolás Carrasco, harmonica
Santiago Astaburuaga , violin
Álvaro Ortega, melodica


19:00 pm; “glass box”

La perpetuidad del esbozo #2 – Santiago Astaburuaga

To close the day, & played the second work of La perpetuidad del esbozo (“perpetuity of the outline”) series by Santiago Astaburuaga. For this concert we had three guests, who together formed a septet with &.

Paulina Mühle-Wiehoff, cello
Alejandro Palacios, euphonium
Tambores Delon, buckets and water
Nicolás Carrasco, recordings and radio
Álvaro Ortega, melodica and radio
Santiago Astaburuaga, electric bass
Sebastián Jatz, accordion


La perpetuidad del esbozo #2



John Cage day – Thursday, April 26th

The fourth and final day of our residency at the University of Chile was dedicated to the composer John Cage. We made a new version for Radio music and for Cartridge music (works that have been played in the past by our group). At the end of the day we performed a concert with Edén Carrasco as guest playing one⁷, a quintet version for 4’33”, and a new version of four⁶.

15:00: Outside – park and corridors of the School of Arts, parks, gardens, Faculty of Science

Radio music (1956), for four musicians with radios

Each one performed and recorded four successive solo versions in four spatially separated locations. After performing each of the four parts, each one had a 6-minute pause to walk, with the recorder still running, to the next site. The total duration of the realization was 42 minutes.
The executions of the work were at 15:00, 15:12, 15:24 and 15:36 respectively.


17:00 pm; “glass box”

Cartridge Music (1960)

& performed this work in a version for four cartridges and four musicians with objects.


19:00 pm – glass box

one⁷ (guest: Eden Carrasco)



The concert began with Eden Carrasco playing one⁷ , using a prepared alto sax and a hose. Then & joined to form a quintet to play 4’33”.

Finally & closed the day with the execution of the work four⁶: Santiago Astaburuaga on prepared electric bass, Sebastián Jatz on accordion, Álvaro Ortega on various radios and Nicolás Carrasco on violin, objects and a recording.


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Access to the following item has been disabled following receipt by Internet Archive of a copyright claim issued by Editions Peters, September 2017.


Sebastian Jatz Rawicz


Production support on behalf of the Extension Office of the Department of Arts
Isis Díaz López, María de los Ángeles Cornejos Cavas (aka Coca), Don Camilo Enrique Fuentes Maureira