Quinta Normal

Quinta Normal park
Wednesday March 9th, 2011



Museo de la Memoria esplanade, Matucana avenue, 10 to 11:30 AM


5 ausführende [1999 -], pages 1 to 10; Manfred Werder

Nicolas Carrasco (1): little propellers, Santiago Astaburuaga (2): bass, Sebastian Jatz (3): accordion; Manfred Werder (4): harmonica, Alvaro Ortega (5): melodica.

audio fragment, pages 5 to 8


almacén #1 [2011], Álvaro Ortega

Manfred Werder, objects, Santiago Astaburuaga: bass, Sebastian Jatz: accordion, Álvaro Ortega: agogo and rattle, Nicolas Carrasco: violin.



Claudio Muñoz Pizarro square, inside Quinta Normal park, southeastern area; 14:30 to 4:00 p.m.

Works played/actualized:

Antoine Beuger
dedekind duos [2003], pp. 1, 33, 46, 6, 4
monodies pour mallarmé [2004], pp. 13, 22, 24, 27

Manfred Werder
2006¹, 2009², 2011¹;
ein (e) ausführende [1999 -], pp.466-470 (accordion), p. 471-473 (melodica)

Michael Pisaro
The collection [2000], 10, 12, 21

Sebastián Jatz
Habilidades del cráneo [2011]




grove, Las Palmas Avenue s/n, inside Quinta Normal park, 16:30 to 5:30 p.m.

works played or actualized

Manfred Werder
ein (e) ausführende [1999 -], pp. 474-478 (bass)
zwei ausführende [1999 -], pp. 366-371 (radio, little propellers)




Lourdes Grotto Sanctuary, Santo Domingo street, 6:00 p.m.

intemperie # 2 [2011]; Nicolas Carrasco Diaz

Manfred Werder: harmonica, objects, Santiago Astaburuaga: bajo, Sebastián Jatz: accordion, Álvaro Ortega: melodica, Nicolás Carrasco: violin, objects



Museum of Science and Technology esplanade, inside Quinta Normal park, 7:00 p.m.

5 ausführende [1999 -], pages 11 to 13; Manfred Werder

Nicolás Carrasco (1): little propellers, Santiago Astaburuaga (2): bass, Sebastián Jatz (3): accordion; Manfred Werder (4): harmonica, Álvaro Ortega (5): radio



Cite Las Palmas, Avenue Matucana, 20:30 PM.

fields have ears (4) [2009] Michael Pisaro

Manfred Werder: harmonica, Santiago Astaburuaga: bajo, Sebastián Jatz: accordion, Álvaro Ortega: radio, Nicolás Carrasco: violin.


The cite, designed and built by Julio Bertrand in 1915, now a national monument, is a beautiful place, but at the moment we were there was heavily traveled by, and no audio nor video recording captured something of the situation properly. Or the situation missed the work, or the work the situation. We greatly appreciate Isbonia Yapur for her kindness, to allow us to stay there at that moment of the evening.



Throughout the day we were joined in some places by: Maria Torres, Claudia Muñoz, Cecilia Muñoz Fernaldt, Daniel Muñoz and Cristian Delon.


Photographs by Sebastián Jatz Rawicz