unas campanas : unos minutos : … / Luis Barrie V. & Nicolás Carrasco Díaz

unas campanas : unos minutos : unos músicos : un campanero : una calle : [concierto de campanas] : 
una escucha : unas islas : un incendio : un archipiélago : unos toques

Luis Barrie Villacorta & Nicolás Carrasco Díaz



This work is the outcome of many years of efforts by Luis Barrie, putting forth projects, traveling, researching, recording, knocking doors and ringing bells, a sum which was slowly cooked, full of love and frustration.
The work’s materials and decisions belong to him: the selection and tiresome process of getting four bell towers, don Aurelio’s visit, a bell ringer from Achao Island in Chiloé who would begin the piece; the total duration and hour of its performance, besides inviting Nicolás Carrasco to gather and direct musicians and create a score.
Production was mainly undertaken by everyone involved and some particulars ―Cazú Zegers and Fundación Observatorio― and the support and friendly approval of the churches involved.
The work was presented publicly as a “concert of bells” around four churches in downtown Santiago.
The audio presented here is an edited version of the work from recordings made directly at the steeples and does not include the initial “toque” played by Don Aurelio Neún with the bells of the ancient Iglesia de la Compañía, displayed in the Plaza de la Constitución to celebrate his return from a parish in Ireland.


Aurelio Neún Calbuyahue; Santiago Astaburuaga Peña, Benjamín Vergara Portales, Edén Carrasco Elgueta, Ignacio Morales Ahumada, Christian Delon Coliman, Diego Aguirre Zaldívar, José Melián Molinet, Christian Hirth, Luis Barrie Villacorta, Rodrigo Torres; Álvaro Ortega Hamel, Víctor Rondón Sepúlveda, Raúl Díaz Ojeda, Enzo Vásquez Gei, Carlos Fuentealba; Sebastián Jatz Rawicz, Renzo Fílinisch Orozco, Fernando Godoy Monsalve; Sara Bertrand Donoso, Nicolás Carrasco Díaz

sound technicians
Marco Colasso, Martín Cruz, Martín Millache, Pedro Muñoz, Tomás Torres

technical and logistics assistance
Robinson Delgado Ramírez

44 bells in 5 groups:
3 (bells which belonged to the old Compañía de Jesús’ Church)
25 (carillon at the Merced’s Basilica)
6 (San Fransisco’s Church)
5 (San Agustín’s Church)
3 (Santo Domingo’s Church)

Plaza de la Constitución, Basílica de la Merced, Iglesia de San Francisco, Iglesia de San Agustín and Iglesia de Santo Domingo

September Thursday 28th 2010

from 23:00 to 23:45

45 minutes

general audience

sincere thanks to don Carlos, don Miguel and don Osvaldo


Stereo edition of the 18 channels in four churches, realized by Luis Barrie (not including Don Aurelio initial ‘toque’ on the three bells at the Plaza de la Constitución)