valparaíso, sector Barón

Valparaiso, Barón hill and dock area (derive 2)
Tuesday March 15th, 2011



ala1RECS & arsomnis thanks Felipe Araya and Fernando Godoy for their precise and delicate work on selecting the sites for this fourth activity in Valparaiso.
Along with that, thanks to Marcelo Maira, for the reception at his home.



Ravine between Barón and Placeres hills, Julio Verne Street (continued from Castro street).


5 ausführende , pages 18 to 19; Manfred Werder, 1999 –

Nicolás Carrasco (1): melodica, Felipe Araya (2): bell, Raúl Díaz (3): whistle, Marcelo Maira (4): baroque flute, Fernando Godoy (5): bowed metal piece


2006²; Manfred Werder

the score of this work indicates:


a time




the March 15th actualization corresponded to:

places: in, on and around the Barón hill and dock

a time: the afternoon of March 15th

(sounds) the listenable, the audible, the heard, the inaudible, some works executed other works thought, (sounding of the world)



Barón jaywalk and balcony, Diego Portales avenue

Almacén # 1; Álvaro Ortega, 2011

Nicolás Carrasco, objetos, Felipe Araya: objects, Raul Diaz, objects, Marcelo Maira: flute, Fernando Godoy, metals, Manfred Werder: rock & harmonica, Álvaro Ortega: agogo & rattle, Sebastián Jatz: Black Magic metallic box & whistle



the parking area of a popular shopping center

2006²; Manfred Werder



Barón dock

5 ausführende, pages 20 a 21; Manfred Werder; 1999-

Manfred Werder (1): harmonica, Sebastián Jatz (2): bell, Álvaro Ortega (3): melodica, Marcelo Maira (4): baroque flute, Raul Diaz (5): platillo

(audio in mono minidisc and stereo digital)



2006¹; Manfred Werder

The score of this work indicates:

a place, natural light, where the performer,

the performers, like to be





Álvaro proposed an actualization of this work in the dock, since he liked the place. We have included two records of this actualization having two sections (or “slices”) in the multiplicity of the same situation. What sounded minimum -metal rubbing of the railing of the dock- in one version, it sounds enormous in the other.

(audio in mono minidisc and stereo digital)




Tornamesa Baron spaces – old railway factory



monodies pour mallarmé [2004], page 13; Antoine Beuger

Marcelo Maira: flute


un lieux pour être deux [2007], pages 26 a 34; Antoine Beuger

Sebastián Jatz: melodica, Nicolás Carrasco: melodica & violin


ein(e) ausführende [1999 – ], page 479; Manfred Werder

Fernando Godoy: bowed metal


zwei ausführende [1999 – ], páginas 372 a 374

Raúl Díaz (1): metallic brush, Felipe Araya (2): campana

(audio in mp3 mono and stereo digital)


In the audio for an lieux pour être deux sounds the bell used by Felipe in his execution for zwei ausführende; both zwei ausführende records include pages 373 and 374; the recording for ein(e) ausführende, page 479, was unfortunately stolen, along with other recordings made that afternoon. In the distance as well, in all recordings, Marcelo Maira on the flute and a coryphaeus of seagulls.


2011¹; Manfred Werder

actualization: Manfred Werder



on a Pullman bus from Valparaíso to Santiago


ein(e) ausführende, pages 480 to 481; Manfred Werder

Nicolás Carrasco: stereo mic, minidisc & speaker

We give two versions of this realization: one that captures the atmosphere of the bus and a direct capture of minidisc, with “absolute” silences.